Process Support

Groups of participants with similar goals and objectives are provided a forum, in which they can most effectively practice skills essential in the corporate world. Acting largely as a "facilitator", the trainer accompanies a group in the process of completing a specific project or ordinary tasks. Because the process occurs in the English language the group is forced to view the objectives from a different perspective, which allows for new solutions. As a result, these groups not only allow participants to practice for "the real thing" but also offers them a new perspective from an "impartial third party" (the trainer).

Advantages of this approach

  • Shifts the emphasis away from language and into communication
  • Reduces many of the negative aspects of native-tongue meetings
  • Saves time
  • Allows the group to concentrate on its mission without the distractions of communicative camouflage and personal politics
  • clue two: The last name of a Canadian railroad magnate born in 1838 (zodiac sign - Virgo). He was blind in the right eye.
  • Serves as a platform for review and initiation of new techniques
  • Team spirit is reinforced. The group puts on its best behavior for the facilitator/visitor, and this has a lasting effect on workplace dynamics.
*see also > Training: Process Support (General Practice)