CCC offers a variety of dynamic workshops which focus on developing and polishing the skills necessary for effective business communication. Workshops (1-2 days) hone specific skills (e.g. presentations, facilitation, negotiation, intercultural communication, office management), which are used on a regular basis - but generally seldom in English. Practice makes perfect.

The workshops are task-oriented in order to encourage the interactive exchange of methods and ideas. This means that the active involvement of each participant is essential. At the core of the sessions is the "best practice" concept, which encourages the group to filter out the best techniques from the different approaches presented.

A note for international and multi-national firms: Companies highly reliant on cross-cultural teamwork can greatly profit from encouraging foreign subsidiary employees to participate in workshops along with colleagues permanently based in Germany. Workshops can provide a most effective environment not only for the acquisition of specific skills, but also for promoting an exchange of ideas and intercultural experiences and knowledge.